Clark Holt has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  It was formed as a specialist commercial law firm in 1995.  The intention was never to look for growth just for the sake of being able to say we are another Top 100 law firm, but instead to offer specialist and experienced commercial legal advice: basically, quality, not quantity.   

We have been fortunate to have had interesting clients who were kind enough to have shared their vision and put their faith in us, friends including other professionals who have been great to work with and kind enough to trust us with their own clients’ business and colleagues who have been inspiring, committed and fun to work alongside.  It is the people who make a business successful, which not only means us, but also our clients and professional contacts. 

There can, of course, be a serious side to what we have to do but hopefully we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Here are some examples of what life has been like at Clark Holt since 1995.  If you have experiences you would like to share, it would be good to hear from you. 

Scroll through the timeline below for a (hopefully) entertaining look back at our first 25 years.

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In the beginning
25 years on


With thanks to broadcaster and commentator, Seán Maffett, Luke Quentel of Flashbuzz Creative Agency and Mary Thomas of Concise Digital for the production of the timeline