We specialise in all forms of landlord and tenant work including complex pre-let agreements, development and re-development including site assembly, planning promotion, options, joint ventures, complex ownership structures and investment transactions as well as in matters that include regulatory or environmental concern.  We can also provide assistance with structured finance and secure lending.

Our clients include developers, investors, banks and other financial institutions, entrepreneurs, property owners and managers with local, national and international portfolios.  Those portfolios range from leasehold and freehold commercial property through to substantial residential property interests all over the UK.

Our clients include insurance, information technology, leisure, healthcare, finance, retail, agriculture, hotels and estate management companies as well as high net worth private individuals with their own personal property interests.

To make sure we make everything as easy as possible for our clients, we stay as close as we can to the other professionals within the property world and our extensive national network includes agents, valuers, surveyors, accountants and tax advisors.

However, we also know that internal relationships are just as vital to providing the highest level of service.  We won’t hesitate to bring in colleagues from our corporate and commercial teams should their skills be required to identify the best possible legal solution for you, regardless of whether we are looking at a commercial, rural or residential project and however complex your circumstances might be.

As your lawyers, our objective is simple; we will combine all of our knowledge and experience to identify the most sensible and commercial route to the outcome you want.  This is how we make sure managing your real estate interests is as efficient and as profitable as it can be.